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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams

Set in a land ruled by giants and inspired by dreams, The BFG is about an unlikely friendship between two orphaned souls who find in each other, humor, adventure, strength, and courage.

If you know the Roald Dahl story, you can close your eyes and just by listening to John Williams’ compositions, you will emotionally experience what we experience with our eyes open.

A light symphony of musical poetry that complements Melissa Mathison’s adaptation, John’s score brings out all the heart, mystery, and magic in the performances of Mark Rylance as the BFG, and newcomer Ruby Barnhill as our headstrong and soulful Sophie.  

The greatest film composer of our generation has written music so timeless and youthful, it makes me believe he is actually aging backwards.

BFG says, “All my dreams is beginning here,” and I feel the same way about John’s score.  In fact, it is my dream come true.

Steven Spielberg 

1. Overture

2. The Witching Hour

3. To Giant Country

4. Dream Country

5. Sophie’s Nightmare

6. Building Trust

7. Fleshlumpeater

8. Dream Jars

9. Frolic

10. Blowing Dreams

11. Snorting and Sniffing

12. Sophie’s Future

13. There Was a Boy

14. The Queen’s Dream

15. The Boy’s Drawings

16. Meeting the Queen

17. Giants Netted

18. Finale

19. Sophie and the BFG

Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams

Produced by John Williams

Music Editor: Ramiro Belgardt

Music Recorded and Mixed by Shawn Murphy at Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA

Scoring Crew: Robert Wolff, Adam Michalak, David Marquette, Greg Dennen, Greg Loskorn

Flute Solos by Heather Clark

Music Contractor: Sandy DeCrescent

Music Preparation: Jo Ann Kane Music Service

Music Librarian: Mark Graham

Album Mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Executive in Charge of Music and Soundtracks for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Production and the Disney Music Group: Mitchell Leib

Score Published by Storyteller Music B, LLC (BMI)

Album Design by Steve Sterling



Roger Willkie  (Principal)

Julie Gigante   (Principal 2nd)

Hatwan Tamara         

Roberto Cani  

Phillip Levy     

Lisa Sutton     

Bruce Dukov   

Natalie Leggett          

Rafael Rishik  

Katia Popov    

Helen Nightengale     

Eun-Mee Ahn 

Lisa Liu

Nina Evtuhov  

Irina Voloshina           

Amy Hershberger      

Lorand Lokuszta         

Alyssa Park     

Maia Jasper    

Ana Landauer 

Tereza Stanislav         

Marc Sazer     

Sara Parkins   

Sarah Thornblade       

Kevin Kumar   

Jacqueline Brand       

Eric Arvinder  

Radu Pieptea 

Joel Pargman 

Kevin Connelly

Jessica Guideri

Serena McKinney       

Shalini Vijayan

Lorenz Gamma          

Darius Campo

Grace Oh        

Katie Sloan     

Charlie Bisharat         

Elizabeth Hedman     


Brian Dembow (Principal)

Shawn Mann  

Marlow Fisher

Thomas Diener           

David Walther

Matthew Funes         

Alma Fernandez         

Erik Rynearson           

Darrin McCann           

Lauren Chipman         

Carolyn Riley  

Luke Maurer   

Victoria Miskolczy      

Robert Brophy

Meredith Crawford    

Michael Novak           


Stephen Erdody (Principal)

Timothy Landauer      

Armen Ksajikian         

Cecelia Tsan   

Dennis Karmazyn       

Jacob Braun   

John Walz      

Laszlo Mezo   

George Kim Scholes   

Dane Little     

Stan Sharp      

Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick


Nico Abondolo (Principal)

Michael Valerio         

Drew Dembowski      

Steve Dress    

Oscar Hildago

Chris Kollgaard           

Edward Meares         


Heather Clark (Principal)

Jennifer Olson

Benjamin Smolen      

Geri Rotella    


Jessica Pearlman (Principal)

Lara Wickes    

Lelie Resnick  

Leslie Reed     


Don Foster (Principal)

Stuart Clark    

Ralph Williams          

Juan Gallegos

Gary Bovyer   


Ken Munday (Principal)

Rose Corrigan 

Judith Farmer

Damian Montano       

Samantha Duckworth


Andrew Bain (Principal)         

Dylan Hart

Daniel Kelley  

Mark Adams  

Jenny Kim      

Steve Becknell

David Everson

Teag Reaves   


Jon Lewis (Principal)  

David Washburn        

Daniel Rosenboom    

Robert Schaer

Barry Perkins  


Bill Booth (Principal)  

Alex Iles         

Phil Keen        

Bill Reichenbach        


Doug Tornquist 

Jim Self                                  

Don Williams 


Alan Estes      

Peter Limonick           

Greg Goodall  

Steven Schaeffer        

Jerry Williams

Ted Atkatz      

Wade Culbreath         

Judy Chilnick  


Randy Kerber 

Gloria Cheng  

Alan Steinberger        

Michael Lang 


Joann Turovsky           

Allison Allport

Marcia Dickstein        

℗ 2016 Storyteller Distribution Co., LLC and Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Motion Picture Artwork TM & © 2016 Storyteller Distribution Co., LLC and Disney Enterprises, Inc. Motion Picture Photos TM & © 2016 Storyteller Distribution Co., LLC, Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Walden Media. Burbank, CA 91521. All rights reserved.