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1. Christmas Eve (Intro) Score
2. This Christmas
Written by Nadine McKinnor, Donny Hathaway
Performed by Lawrence

Published by Universal Music – MGB Songs (ASCAP) obo Itself and Kuumba Music/WC Music Corp. (ASCAP) obo Itself and Kuumba Music, Crystal Raisin Music (ASCAP), Microhits Music Corp. (ASCAP)

3. Eventually
Written by Clyde Lawrence
Performed by Lawrence

Published by Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (BMI)

4. Be Nice

Written by Clyde Lawrence, Cody Fitzgerald, DAP The Contract

Performed by Lawrence (feat. DAP The Contract & Stolen Jars)

Published by Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (BMI)
5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Written by Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane
Performed by Lawrence (feat. Stolen Jars)

Published by EMI April Music Inc. obo EMI Feist Catalog Inc. (ASCAP)

6. Merry Christmas Baby
Written by Lou Baxter, John Dudley Moore
Performed by Lawrence

Published by Chappell & Co. (ASCAP)/Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI)

7. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town
Written by J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie
Performed by Lawrence (feat. Stolen Jars)

Published by EMI Feist Catalog Inc. (ASCAP), Toy Town Tunes, Inc. (ASCAP) and John F. Coots Jr. Trust Music (ASCAP)/Haven Gillespie Music Publishing Co.LP (ASCAP)

 8. Christmas Eve/Santa’s Arrival Score

9. The Kringles Score

10. Will There Ever Be a Time?/Life Goes On Score

11. Uh-Oh-Ho-Ho Score

12. Santa-In-Training Score

13. Santa… Gabe? Score

14. Noelle’s Theme Score

15. Skating Score

16. Hot Chocolate & Peppermint Score  

17. Deer Are the Headlights Score

18. The Flight to Phoenix Score

19. Looking for Nick Score

20. Noelle Meets Jake/A Big Day for Nice Score

21. The Twinkle Score

22. Snowcone’s Theme Score

23. Nick Returns Score

24. December 24th Score

25. Along Came Elf Polly Score

26. Noelle’s Escape Score

27. The Meaning of Christmas Score

28. The Suit Score

29. Noelle & Polly Score

30. Snowcone to the Rescue/Lift Off! Score

31. Santa Noelle’s Flight Score

32. We Wish You a Stressful Christmas Score

33. Eventually (Main Theme) Score


Kelly Cho

Katherine Fong

Ye-jin Han

Lisa Kim

Krzysztof Kuznik

Hyunju Lee

Ann Lehmann

Matt Lehmann

Kuan Cheng Lu

Jessica Park

Su Hyun Park

Annaliesa Place

Emily Popham

Sarah Pratt

Anna Rabinova

Sein Ryu

Henry Wang

Sharon Yamada


Irene Breslaw

Junah Chung

David Creswell

Will Frampton

Celia Hatton

Conway Kuo


Alexei Gonzales

Oded Hadar

Sarah Kwon

Maureen McDermott

Alan Stepansky

Nathan Vickery


Rachel Calin

Shawn Conley

Blake Hinson

Stephen Sas


Mindy Kaufman

Christina Hughes

Kathleen Nester


Grace Shryock

Ryan Walsh


Afendi Yusuf

Dean LeBlanc


Billy Hestand

Dan Shelly


Mike Atkinson

Theo Primis

Leelanee Sterrett

Chad Yarbrough


Tony Kadleck

Ray Riccomini


Demian Austin

Paul Bellino

Jeff Nelson


Stacey Shames


Erik Charlston

Pablo Rieppi

Sean Rittnehaer

Ian Sullivan

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Music by Clyde Lawrence and Cody Fitzgerald

Music Editors: Tom Kramer, Carlton Kaller

Songs Produced by Cody Fitzgerald, Jordan Cohen, Johnny Koh and Clyde Lawrence

Score Produced by Cody Fitzgerald, Clyde Lawrence and Tom Kramer

Orchestrations: Doug Besterman

Score Recorded and Mixed by Satoshi Noguchi, Lawrence Manchester

Soundtrack Mixed by Satoshi Noguchi

Orchestra Contractor: Sandra Park

Conducted by Constantine Kitsopoulos

Music Preparation: Russell Bartmus / JoAnn Kane Music

Pro Tools Operator: Angie Teo

Score Editing: Michael Bouska

Orchestral Mock Ups: Douglas Romayne, David Stal

Music Recorded at Manhattan Center, Reservoir Studios, New York, NY, and Igloo Music, Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Score Published by Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (BMI)

Executive in Charge of Music and Soundtracks for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Production: Mitchell Leib

Music Creative for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Production: Kaylin Frank and Lyndsie Chlowitz

Music Production for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Production: Ryan Hopman

Music Business/Legal Affairs for Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production: Scott Holtzman and Marc Shaw

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2019 Walt Disney Records

Motion Picture Artwork, TM & Copyright © 2019 Disney