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Disney Music Group

Finding Dory Soundtrack

Disney Pixar 

Music by Thomas Newman

  1. Kelpcake
  2. Finding Dory (Main Title)
  3. Lost at Sea
  4. One Year Later
  5. Migration Song
  6. “O, We’re Going Home”
  7. Jewel of Morro Bay
  8. Gnarly Chop
  9. Squid Chase
  10. Sigourney Weaver
  11. Hank
  12. Nobody’s Fine
  13. Rebecca Darling
  14. Meet Destiny
  15. Joker at Work
  16. Becky Flies
  17. Hands!
  18. Almost Home
  19. Open Ocean
  20. Two Lefts and a Right
  21. Everything About You
  22. Quarantine
  23. Warp
  24. All Alone
  25. …Shells
  26. No Walls
  27. Okay with Crazy
  28. Hide and Seek
  29. Quite a View
  30. Unforgettable Performed by Sia
  31. Three Hearts (End Title)
  32. Loon Tune
  33. Fish Who Wander
  34. Release

Music Composed and Conducted by Thomas Newman

Produced by Thomas Newman and Bill Bernstein

Recorded and Mixed by Tommy Vicari C.A.S.

Orchestra Recorded by Armin Steiner

Additional Recording by Shinnosuke Miyazawa

Recorded at DeepSleep Studios, The Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Studios, and The Village

Mixed at The Village, West Los Angeles

Orchestrations by J.A.C. Redford

Additional Orchestrations by Carl Johnson, Peter Boyer

Music Editor: Bill Bernstein

Assistant Music Editor: Michael Zainer

Digital Audio: Larry Mah

Music Contractor: Leslie Morris

Vocal Contractor: Sally Stevens

Music Preparation: Reprise Music Services

Audio Coordination: George Doering

Assistant Engineer: Jeff Gartenbaum, Vanessa Parr

Album Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Instrumental Soloists:

George Doering: Bowed Guitarron, Aeolian Wind Harp, Gopichand, Dulcimers, Electric Guitar, Autoharp

Steve Tavaglione: Acoustic Flutes, Granulated Waterphones, Spectral Ambiences, Morphed EWI, Human Sleigh Bells

Dan Greco: Timpani, Vibraphone, High Metal Rhythms, Toy Snares, Tambourine, Bongos, Devil Chaser

John Beasley: Percussion Loops, Piano, Water Rhythms, ROLI

Rick Cox: Xaphoon Loops, Bowed Harmonics, Samplr Pads, Slowed Bass 9

Sid Page: Violin

Thomas Newman: Piano

Executive Music Producer: Chris Montan

Music Supervisor: Tom MacDougall

Executive Director, Music Production: Andrew Page

Manager, Music Production: Ashley Chafin

Post Production Supervisor: Paul Cichocki

“Unforgettable” Performed by Sia

Written by Irving Gordon

Produced, Orchestrated and Conducted by Oliver Kraus

Vocals Recorded by Jesse Shatkin

Recording Engineer: Chris Steffen

Recorded at The Rib Cage, Band House Studios and Sony Scoring Stage

Mixed by Brad Haehnel at Noise Alchemy

Drums: Victor Indrizzo

Bass: Jonny Flaugher

Piano: Oliver Kraus

Harp: Alison Bjorkedal

Published by Sis ‘N Bro Music Company (ASCAP) obo Unforgettable Standards [U.S.A. only]

Published by Bourne Co. (ASCAP) [Rest of the World]

“O, We’re Going Home”

Written by Bob Peterson, Andrew Stanton and Victoria Strouse

Published by Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP)/Pixar Talking Pictures (ASCAP) and Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (BMI)/Pixar Music (BMI)

Includes Original Score by Thomas Newman

All Score Published by Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (BMI)/Pixar Music (BMI) 



Sid Page (Concert Master)

Darius Campo (Principal 2nd)

Eun Mee Ahn

Richard Altenbach

Charlie Bisharat

Rebecca Bunnell

Caroline Campbell

Roberto Cani

Ron Clark

Kevin Connolly

Joel Derouin

Lisa Dondlinger

Nina Evtuhov

Sam Fischer

Tamara Hatwan

Elizabeth Hedman

Amy Hershberger

Norman Hughes

Sharon Jackson

Maia Jasper

Peter Kent

Ana Landauer

Songa Lee

Natalie Leggett

Dimitrie Leivici

Phil Levy

Marina Manukian

Mike Markman

Robert Matsuda

Liane Mautner

Serena McKinney

Jennifer Munday

Sara Parkins

Carol Pool

Kathleen Robertson

Mark Robertson

Michele Richards

Julie Rogers

Guillermo Romero

Jay Rosen

Yutong Sharp

Haim Shtrum

Sarah Thornblade

Josefina Vergara

Ken Yerke


Victoria Miskolczy (1st chair)

Robert Berg

Robert Brophy

Meredith Crawford

Marlow Fisher

Matthew Funes

Jerome Gordon

Keith Greene

John Hayhurst

Scott Hosfeld

Shawn Mann

Darrin McCann

Aaron Oltman

Karie Prescott

Kate Reddish

Lynne Richberg

Carolyn Riley

David Walther


Stephen Erdody (1st chair)

Timothy Landauer (1st chair)

Giovanna Clayton

Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick

Trevor Handy

Melissa Hasin

Vahe Hayrikyan

Dennis Karmazyn

Suzie Katayama

Armen Ksajikian

Dane Little

Steve Richards

George Kim Scholes

Tina Soule

Xiaodan Zheng


Nico Abondolo (1st chair)

Stephen Dress

Timothy Eckert

Donald Ferrone

Neil Garber

Domenic Genova

Thomas Harte

Edward Meares

Bruce Morgenthaler

Geoffrey Osika

David Parmeter

Nicolas Philippon

Ian Walker


Steve Kujala (1st chair)

Diane Alancraig


Gary Bovyer (1st chair)

Ralph William


Lara Wickes (1st chair)

Joseph Stone


Rose Corrigan (1st chair)

Kenneth Munday

Judith Farmer

French Horn

Steve Becknell (1st chair)

Mark Adams

Laura Brenes

Dylan Hart

Dan Kelley

Jenny Kim

Joseph Meyer

Kristy Morrell

Danielle Ondarza

John Reynolds


Malcolm McNab (1st chair)

Wayne Bergeron

Rob Frear

Jon Lewis

Dave Washburn


William Booth (1st chair)

Todd Eames

Craig Gosnell

Charlie Loper

William Reichenbach


James Self (1st chair)


Reid Bruton 

Amick Byram 

Randy Crenshaw 

William Kenneth Goldman 

Baraka May 

Donna Medine 

Bob Peterson 

Fletcher Sheridan 

Sally Stevens 

Suzanne Waters

Thomas Newman wishes to thank John Lasseter, Jim Morris, Ed Catmull, Angus MacLane, Axel Geddes, Sloane Murray, Michael Semanick, Paul Cichocki, Noah Newman, Ann Marie Newman, Michael Gorfaine, Sam Schwartz, Jamie Richardson, Cynthia Calley, Rebekah Wood, Isaac Baranowicz and Seth Lichenstein.

Special thanks to Andrew Stanton, Lindsey Collins.

Album Design by Steve Gerdes


2016 Walt Disney Records/Pixar

© 2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc./Pixar

Disney/Pixar elements © Disney/Pixar

Burbank, CA 91521